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Thassos Festival Program 2009

Thassos Festival 2009. ~

As reported by DEPOTATH, the progamm for the events of Thassos Festival 2009, comes as follows:

July 4 - Theater Thassos «Lysistrata» Aristophanes.
Direction: Th. Karakatsanis
Th. Karakatsanis & S. Psaltis 

July 11 - Theater Thassos «Thesmoforiazouses» Aristophanes
G. Tsivilikas with & G. Constantinou 
Directed by: Nick. Charalambous

July 18 - Theater Thassos «A dime's Opera» 
of Bertolt Brecht
K. Karampeti, S. Mainas, R. Louizidou, Al. Bourdoumis 

July 25 - Theater Thassos «The barber of Seville»
Direction: Ath. Theologis, G. Parsalakis, N. Dadinoponlos, T. Palantzidis G. Aivazis 

August 2 - Theater Thassos
«Don Quichote» of Miguel Cervantes
Directed by G. Karachisaridis 
G. Kimoulis, D.  Piatas, Danai Othonaiou. 

August 9 - Theater Thassos
«The two orfans»  D. Enneri - Comedy 
Director: T. Chrysikakou, P. Haikalis, G. Vouros, A. Angellou, F. Spirou 

Aug. 19 - Theater Thassos
«The Wizard of Oz»
Director: Haris Romas
Stella Bonatsos, Costas Bakalis

Aug. 23 - Theater Thassos
«Choifores» of Aeschylus - Tragedy
LARISSA DI.PE.THE «Thessalian Theater»
Direction: K. Tsianos
L. Koniordou, N. Psarras, D. Kalantzis, E. Ouzounidou.

June 24 - Skala Maries 
Fair-celebration of St. John Prodromos Traditional dances

July 10 - Limenaria Beach 
Chess  contest «simoultane». 

July 11 - Maries 
Festival - celebration of St. John «Mariotis» of Thassos 
Traditional dances

July 30 - Skala Potamias 
Running Races 
Beach volley tournament

July 31 - Skala Potamias 
Dance Event

July. 31 - Kalyvia Limenaria Thassos. 
"Fires of August".
Recreation  of the custom, traditional dances and revelry. 

Aug. 1 - Potamia 
Anavrochiaris - traditional custom 
Dance Event 

Aug. 5, 19:30 - Mines Warehouses, Limenaria 
Tail presentation: «The frog guide» 
Workshop for children from writer Athena Tsirica. 

Aug. 7  - Tennis Club Skala Rachoniou 
3rd Festival of Traditional Dances

Aug. 12-14  - Skala Maries Central Beach 
Beach Volley Tournament

Aug. 12 - Mines Warehouses, Limenaria 
"Great traditional feast"

Aug. 25 -Theologos Thassos 
Traditional Thassian Wedding 
Involving local orchestra.

Sep. 27 - 14.00pm - Mountain village Maries 
Feast of the "bean soup" 
Involving local orchestra

July 3  to 5 - Archaia Thassos 
Literary Associations, Publishers & Journalists National Cultural Meeting Three Poets in Thassos. Organizer of the Symposium poet Andromache Diamantopoulou Filippidou. Equity - Technical support: The poet John enough.

July July 15  - Mines Warehouses, Limenaria 
«Excavation - the vineyards and the wine press of Castro» 
Presentation Speakers: Dr. Stratis Papadopoulos, Prof. Prehistoric Archeology University of Thessaloniki, Vasilia Papalazarou and Sofia Tsoutsoumpei-Aeoliou, Archaeologists. 
The Cultural Association of Limenaria «The Castle» will celebrate for the official Ambassador of Greece to UNESCO, Vassilis Vassilikos. 

July 13  - Cine «Mariana» - Limenaria 
«Chess and cinema» and "Innocent moves".

July 14 - Cine «Mariana» - Limenaria 
Film night dedicated to Thassos: View the documentary film «Thassos in 1962» (2nd edition), which was shot in the island on the year above by German scouts.  Also, short film  «Ancient human memories» Stelios Lazaridis.Theme Aliki of Thasos. 

Visual Arts
1 to 10 /7 - Kalogeriko Thassos 
* Botsios G., Painting Room A 
* Zaponi B., Pyrography Room B 
* Wiles Ian, Painting Room C

9 to 15 /7 - Mines Warehouses, Limenaria
«Art and Chess» S. Malgarinou.

10 to 20 /8 - Mines Warehouses, Limenaria
«From the Folklore, to the Mining and Costas Lovoulos». Visual Report 

12 to 21 /7 - Kalogeriko Thassos 
* Synanidis G., Painting Room A 
* Stavropoulou K. Painting Room B
* Fylaktou Ath., Painting Room C 
Leontaraki N., Pocelain Masks Room C 
Chasapis  Ch., Batik Room C 

15 /7 - Mines Warehouses, Limenaria 
«Excavation in vineyards and wine press of the Castle» Photo Exhibition.

17 to 31 /7 - Mines Warehouses, Limenaria 
* George Katsangelou, Picture. 

23 /7 to 1 /8 - Kalogeriko Limenas Thassos 
* Parasidou S., Painting Room A 
* Konti Aik., Hagiography Room B
* Sdrali D., Painting Room C

1 to 8 /8 - Mines Warehouses, Limenaria 
German painter W. Jene, Painting 

3 to 12 /8 - Kalogeriko Thassos 
* Karanikou A., Masks Room A 
* Koresoglou E., - Forschner P., Construction Room B 
* Angellou Th., Photography - Vratidis D., Works of Art Room C 

8 to 20 /8 - Mines Warehouses, Limenaria 
* «From yesterday to today» Photography Cultural Association of Limenaria "The Castle" 
* John Stamatiadi, Photography

14 to 23 /8 - Kalogeriko Thassos 
* Koutoupi Chrysostomidou Ch., Painting Room A 
* Kotzapanagiotis G., Hagiography Room B 
* Kalopoulou Yamali S., Painting Room C 

25 /8 to 3 /9 - Kalogeriko Thassos 
* Wolfgang S., Photography Room A 
* Alexiadis D., Constructions Room B
* Kalopoulou Yamali S., Painting Room C 

July 22 - Mines Warehouses, Limenaria
«Tribute to Zampetas» by Music Workshop Zagorianos Angelos.

Jul 23 - Central Square Rachoni 
«Tribute to Zampetas» by Music Workshop Zagorianos Angelos. 

July 26 - Mines Warehouses, Limenaria
Rebetika, Smyrneika and songs of N. Argyropoulos. By Antonis Ainitis and N. Argyropoulos 

August 2 - Mines Warehouses, Limenaria
Pop-rock concert by Charanga

August 5 - Mines Warehouses, Limenaria
«Songs like tales» from the Musical Workshop.

August 7 - Mines Warehouses, Limenaria
«A Tribute to Greek cinema»
P. Marcoulis and G. Katsiroumpa, piano Nick Kordoulidis.

August 10 21:30 - «ATSPAS» Beach, Skala Maries 
«Everything all». Music event.

August 13 - Tennis Club Skala Rachoni 
Stavros Fotiadis. Concert with eleven  instruments orchestra.

August 15 - Mines Warehouses, Limenaria.
Rock Night Band.

Aug 16 - Virgin Land
Tsaligopoulou Helen. Concert with eleven  instruments orchestra.

August 23 - Mines Warehouses, Limenaria
«Tribute to the decade of'80», Thassos Choir.

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