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Announcement of MTB Thassos Cup 2010

MTB weekend in Thassos

On the weekend of 1-2  of May 2010, there will be two nice events on Thassos. Specifically:

  • Day one, Saturday, first of May: Tour de Thassos. For second year now, the race around the island with street bikes, wins more funs. It is organized by CYCLOTRON biking team of Kavala, in co-operation with Ε.Ο.Π.
  • The next day, Sunday 2 of May, the big event: MTB Thassos Cup 2010. For sixth year now, Yianis Reizis and Nikolas Kitrinos are the soul of this very specialized race.

mountain biker (mtb)

Place: Potos Thassos

-For Tour of Thassos, the rout is all the way around the island.
-For mountain bikers it is called Trikorfon Anavasis (ascent). The rout of the race will be the almost the same with last year.

No special demands, the races are open. But due to their nature, good physical condition is required. Biking equipment as well and lots of tires ;)


  • Teenagers 15-18 (parent signs)
  • Men 18-35
  • Veterans 35+
  • Women
  • ΜΤΒ-ROAD 153km

For those who wish to participate in both the events, there will be a special category, where only the first three will be rewarded:
-1st cup
-2nd, 3rd metal

For the street race:
-1st of every category will receive cup.
-2nd, 3rd metal
For MTB:
-The first three of every category will receive cups.
-4th, 5th and 6th of every category will receive metals.

Participation right for touring race is 20 euros and it includes:
-Some energy supplies during the race
-Souvenir gift

Participation right for MTB is 15 euros and it includes:
-T-shirt (sponsored by REDZEPPELIN)
-Some energy supplies during the race
-Souvenir gift

-Participation right payment for Tour of Thassos 2010 is to be done by deposit at Greek National Bank Nr. 215/756019-23 (Titopoulos Efstathios).
-Participation right payment for MTB Thassos Cup 2010 is to be done by deposit at Greek National Bank Nr. 260/342669-60 (IBAN GR 1201102600000026034266960, Katsoni Eleni).
Paricipation rights will be accepted after the deposit and before 28/04/09. Please, on the receipt copy, the Name and Surname of the contestant should be clearly stated and it should be given in time.

Tour of Thassos 2010 will accept 120 participants.
MTB Thassos Cup 2010 will accept 180 participants, internationally.

There are hotel of other rentals, that will offer shelter to visitors for the price of 10 or 20 euros, depending of their needs. Hotel room list, race heights and list of participants, will be posted at www.mtb-thassos.com

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