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Thassos in July of 1917

The whole text is a copy from Apostolos Vacalopoulos' article in the seventh volume of "Thasiaka".

For now, the full article is available only in Hellenic language. For it, please follow this link.

What this is about:

On July 1917, even though Greece was part of Entente and Thassos was recognized officially as a Greek region, it was still under command of a French captain, who had a small military body. But, before the command was given to the Greek authority, some matters had to be examined and get regulated. For this, our writer, de la Thuillerie, was sent to the island, to get in touch with its Greek commander, officer of the navy, Skias. De la Thuillerie, in his book, says he got there with his battleship, «Buffle», as a minister of economy, internal affairs and justice!

Read down what his impression of the island was.

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