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Father Gimnasios Lavriotis

This is an article about a child of Theologos, a Christian monk who lived arround 1900. He had a very deep knowledge of more than two thousand plants and their healing abilities. He had a deep understanding of human illnesses and he was treating people using these herbal medicines. But most of all, except the knowledge he inherited to us, he taught us a way of decent living; living by sharing.

Gimnasios Lavriotis' real name was Georgios Tzanetis. He was born in Theologos Thassos in 1858. His father was Christos Tzanetis, who came from Scopelos Island in 1854. When he was 15, he moved to Potamia. His mother, Anna Mpriola was a practical nurse, helping people especially in birth situations and she knew (practically) the healing power of herbs.

The whole text is a copy from Nikolaos Michalopoulos' article in the seventh volume of "Thasiaka".

For now, only available in hellenic language. Please follow this link.

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