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Adelfiki Development Company Thassos
with a distinctive title: «The THEOLOGOS»


The Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) AN.A.E.TH., created in early 2008, to fill the gap that existed in social, cultural, religious, tourist, but also other issues that arise in daily life of modern man. 

The stimuli anyone encounters, are diverse, wherever people may live. But life in Thassos, a place so special and peculiar, with all the built and natural beauty, makes it imperative need to offer any form of contribution to the community. The community that has already been born, and the community that will be born. 

We have received by our predecessors, place, customs, traditions and experiences. 
We have received facilities, plans and dreams for the future. We have a duty to our grandparents but also to our children, to built, to create and deliver the next generation more than we received. We have to deliver the previous things untouched by time, and things established by us, to be delivered spotless, free from all kinds of blemish. 

Unfortunately, the "love each other" Jesus said, today serves small, individually or not, interests. 
Unfortunately, "unity is strength", is replaced from "divide and rule". 
Our Greek-Orthodox culture is continuously being tested from the variety of triggerings. 

If you wish to improve our society. 
If you are expressed with the sustainable development, respecting the environment and the specificity of our country. 
If you have confidence in your skill
If you think that tourism is one of the main routes of development of our country. 
If you adhere to the principles of our Greek-Orthodox civilization.
If you have nothing to do with organizations whose loyalties are not clear enough.

Then and only then come to join forces in one (nonprofit) Development Fraternal Company of Thassos. 
Our purpose, the development of our region without prejudice and our compass driving: «if you can not do good, at least do not do evil». 

For AN.A.E.TH., 

the President.

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Αρχαγγέλου Γαβριήλ, Στεφάνου του Σαββαΐτου
Υπογράφεται η συνθήκη του Βερολίνου, με την οποία ανατρέπεται η δημιουργία της Μεγάλης Βουλγαρίας.
Το Σύνταγμα Βάλτου των ΕΟΕΑ-ΕΔΕΣ αρχίζει 8ήμερο αγώνα κατά της ιταλικής Μεραρχίας "Μπρενέρο" στο Μακρυνόρος.
Οι Γερμανοί καίνε το Κεφαλόβρυσο Πωγωνίου και εκτελούν τον ιερέα και άλλους Έλληνες.
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